Pure Stock Rules

2013 Pure Stock Rules

New Rule Amendments that are now in effect:
(the rules listed below are now being enforced and are to be added into the rule book for all drivers of the Pure Stock class to abided by. For questions contact the race track, or technical director. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.)

------------------------2013 Racing Season Rule Changes-------------------------------

50 lb. weight break for use of safety seat:  Full containment seat or Hans Device (any style)

  • Rear Disc brakes allowed, NO weight add. Neal brake OK but must be installed so that driver cannot adjust while racing. Stock style disc brakes.
  • Camaro must run old style nose “no IROC” and body must be stock appearing.
  • Camaro must run stock front and rear clip to rear frame rails.
  • Tires: ONLY tire allowed Hoosier H 500 (8.0/26.5-15 or 8.0/27.0-15 or 8.0/27.5.15)
  • Hydraulic lifters do not have to have stock retainer but must be .000 lash.



  • Must have 1960 or newer sedan or sport coupe
  • Factory car with a minimum stock factory wheelbase of 108”.
  • Weight 3300LBS. Camaro add 100 lbs.(3400 lbs.)
  • For driver’s safety, all cars are required to have at least a 4-point roll cage. Roll cage must be welded to frame rails and all connections must be fully welded. All cages must be minimum diameter of 1 ½ and minimum wall thickness of .090. A minimum of 3 horizontal bars is required in the driver’s door and minimum of 2 horizontal bars in the passenger’s door required.
  • All doors must be welded shut.
  • Must have at least 4 windshield bars in front of the driver.
  • Stock seat with headrest ok. Racing seat recommended.
  • Must have 3-point quick release type seat and shoulder harness of at least 3” wide. Belts must have date code no older than 5 years.
  • Complete bumper-to-bumper steel unibody must be retained. Tying Unibody together is OK
  • The stock unaltered floor plan to rear of driver must be retained. Car may be hulled beyond driver seat and left open.
  • Driver compartment may be boxed.
  • No radios. No mirrors.
  • Stock dashboard ok. May be replaced with sheet metal.
  • Must have stock bumpers. Must have front and rear tow hooks.
  • Exhaust: Headers OK must be parallel with ground.
  • May use aftermarket steel or aluminum body. May use after market nose and tail piece. Bodies must remain STOCK appearing. Major infractions will carry weight adds.
  • 4 inch spoilers are allowed.


  • 8 inch steel wheels with 8 inch Hoosier H 500 (8.0/26.5-15 or 8.0/27.0-15) ONLY
  • Must run bead locks or new safety bead wheel RIGHT SIDE (Left side optional)
  • Stock mount shocks in stock location.
  • Changing of springs ok. Cups ok.
  • Screw jacks on rear OK.
  • Disc brake rear ends OK, Brake adjuster cannot be adjustable from driver seat.
  • Trailing arms must be stock. May use offset bushing to set pinion angle but must then be disabled so as not to reset rear. Stock replacement non-adjustable aftermarket may be used but must be approved by track.
  • May relocate top A-frame towers, May run tube upper arms CANNOT be adjustable. 


  • Engine must be in stock location. No tolerance (weight penalty will apply. SEE SUPER STREET SECTION for description.)  
  • The engine block must be strictly stock for that make and model. GM in GM. Ford in Ford.
  • Engines allowed .060 for bore plus .010 wear. Cast Pistons only, may be Hypereutectic - stock replacement only. Four Eyebrow Pistons Only. Eyebrow size must be consistent for all 4 eyebrows.
  • Press Pin Pistons Only.   L2256F T.R.W. is the only forged piston allowed. May still run cast pistons.
  • Cam lift .425 intake / .425 exhaust maximum. No tolerance. Stock diameter Hydraulic Lifters only. No 4/7 cross fire cams.  Valve lash .000.              
  • Pistons deck height .000” Open chamber heads, 70 cc Minimum, 3 angle valve job Ok, cut must not exceed 1” below seat.
  • RHS head # 12400   -74 CC Min. Runner must maintain factory specs.
  • Engine Quest head # CH-350-I will supersede RHS head which has been discontinued. Same spec as RHS head.
  • Intake runner max 165cc. Exhaust runner max. 65 cc. All heads except RHS and Eng.Quest.
  • No angle plug heads or aftermarket head except RHS 12400 & CH-350-I
  • No porting and polishing on heads.
  • Must have straight stem valves. NO pro-flow, race-flow or undercut valve stems. .010 Max. Stem
  • No cut marks lower than one (1) inch below seat
  • Stock type rockers. No roller tips or full rollers. Long slot OK 1.5 ratio
  • May run screw in studs and guide plates.
  • Any retainers and locks.
  • May run poly locks. Stud girdles OK.
  • Stock type valve springs.
  • No double valve springs.
  • Valve size 1.940 Intake 1.500 Exhaust.
  • May run true roller timing chain and gears.
  • Engine balancing OK.
  • High performance parts limited to items listed.
  • NO 400 engines.
  • NO big blocks.
  • Rods: Stock rods, stock length. SR Eagle or Scat 3/8 bolt or cap screw.
  • Crankshaft stock stroke. Cast or steel crank. 350 must weigh 49 LBS. Scat or Eagle ok. Must be run as produced, counterweights must not be windage cut when balancing, angles cannot be altered.
  • All cranks will be weighed with pilot bushing, cam gear, bolt and washer.
  • Aluminum radiator is OK. Headers OK.
  • Stock type distributor (module, pickup, coil, one unit for MSD)
  • Rev.limitier OK. MUST NOT be mounted in driver compartment.
  • SFI approved balancer must be run.
  • 602 crate engines that are suspected of illegal parts will be pulled and inspected by 441’s official crate appointed inspector when all parties can be scheduled after the race. Calls by the inspector will be final.


       Must be for make and model of car.  Can remove choke butterfly. No porting and                  polishing. 1850 Holley OK. Rear metering block may be added. Dual feed bowls OK.     . Main body and Base plate must meet stock Holley specs. Stock butterfly and uncut brass screws. Spacer or adapter 1” max. Gaskets and spacer cannot exceed 1.350”

  • 602 crate engine any 4 barrel carburetor.   May use one (1) one inch spacer. Max. for spacer and gaskets is 1.35 inch


  • Cast Iron Stock type only. No bowtie or marine. No high rise. No porting and polishing.


  • Pump gasoline or racing gasoline only. No additives.

          Stock type transmissions only. Gears must be in stock location.

  • May run Nodule Iron Flywheel.
  • Stock type clutch and pressure plates only.
  • Automatics must have stock diameter torque converter. No racing transmissions.
  • Flywheel must weigh 14 lbs.
  • Clutch and pressure plate must weigh 16 lbs. No aluminum parts. Spring clutch and solid disc clutch ok.
  • Stock rear ends. Lock rear ends ok. Changing of gears ok. 9” Ford Rear non-floater OK. Rear disc OK. Stock style disc brake only.
  • Stock fuel tanks ok. Fuel cells highly recommended. Fuel cell must be mounted in metal container. May cut trunk floor to mount fuel cell. Trunk floor may be removed. Fuel cell may be offset in rear of car.  
  • May use racing steering wheels with quick release hub.
  • All cars must have track-approved 2lb.fire extinguisher with gauge. Must be securely and properly installed. No taping to bars or interior.
  • Complete fire suit must be worn anytime car is on track.
  • No battery in driver’s compartment, UNLESS Jell-cell battery in full-containment box, securely mounted to roll-cage or frame rail only.
  • Clutch fan must be removed for safety.
  • Seat belts must have date code no older than 5 years
  • Window net required and must be in use when on track.
  • All weights must be painted WHITE and car number on each.
  • Drive shaft must be painted WHITE .


  • 441 engine rules 3300 lbs
  • Crate # 602 - 3300 lbs

With this new weight rule change in 2013, the competition will be evaluated bi-weekly to determine if a weight change is in order to keep parity among the different engine/car combinations.